work-back Essential booth tactics

Lydia Owen • 2 min read

As this year’s exhibition season ramps up, we’ve put together some cunning tactics to help you make the right choices when selecting your booth space — ensuring an all-conquering 2019!

Size matters

Try to surround yourself with booths of a similar size. It’s much easier to make an impact when you’re not being dwarfed by two-storey monsters that block out all of your light and visibility!

Know your enemy

Check the exhibitor list and identify your biggest competitor… then pick a space right next to them! Nothing screams confidence like going toe-to-toe with the competition. This is also a subtle way of gathering valuable intel on their business, as well as seeing first-hand how they go about engaging with their customers.

Gain the high ground

Look for natural advantages within the hall. Are there balconies, walkways or escalators that will allow delegates a clearer view of your booth?

Play Tetris

Booths don’t have to be rectangular — a clever design in an odd shape will make you stand out from the squares. Congress organisers are looking to pack out the hall so, if you’re creative with your footprint, you might find you can slot into unusual spaces that others might not consider. Spaces that contain pillars are usually offered at a reduced rate as most exhibitors will want to avoid them; however, a clever booth design can incorporate columns and even turn them into an advantage.

The caffeine fix

Upon entering the exhibition hall most delegates will be thinking one thing: “Where’s the coffee?!” Choose a location close to the catering area (preferably somewhere you can be seen from the queue) and enjoy increased visibility and guaranteed foot fall past your products and messages.

Get in quick

After the first batch of booths are allocated to the sponsors and the Big Boys, it becomes a first-come-first-served scrap between everyone else. Get in there quickly to secure your ideal spot!