work-back Home schooling: Conceptual logo design

Vikki Byrne • 1 min read

As the UK settled into another week of coronavirus lockdown, the working parents amongst our team were continuing to juggle home schooling with remote working.

In a bid to give her daughter an insight into what Mum does for a living, Vikki, co-owner of OSP and the company’s Creative Director, decided to get seven-year-old Livy involved in some vital concept work. With her pencil case to hand, Livy accepted the challenge of coming up with a logo design that would encourage others to #StayatHome to #FlattentheCurve as the current COVID-19 crisis shows no signs of abating. 

Vikki said: “After about 15 minutes, Livy had quickly scamped up her first attempt. She was very concerned it wasn't her best work but said that, if I liked it, she would happily redo a neater version! We opened Illustrator together and she did most of the illustrations herself and, after what seemed like about 2 million hours later, it was finished!

“I think it's pretty good. In fact, I’m a bit concerned she might attempt a hostile takeover of the design studio next week!”