work-back How much water should you be drinking?

Jo Share • 2 min read

How much water should you be drinking?
Now the sun is shining and the temperature is rising it’s more important than ever to make sure you are taking in enough fluids.

We’re constantly bombarded with the message to ‘drink more water’ but how many of us actually know how much water we should be drinking? Two litres is often mentioned as the target fluid intake but, given we all come in different shapes and sizes, our optimal level of water consumption will vary!

But it seems there is an easy way to calculate how much water you should be drinking. The key lies in working out your weight in kgs and then multiplying this figure by 30. This gives you how much water you should be drinking in ml. (To convert this into litres, just divide by 1000).

Example: Average weight for an adult is 62kg. 62 x 30 = 1860. 1860/1000 = 1.86 litres*

*This figure is based on an average lifestyle. You may find that, if you have a high activity level or live in a hot climate, you need to increase this amount.

Why do we need to drink water?
Water is essential to life; we use water in every function of our body from brain function and regulating body temperature, to lubricating joints and helping to get rid of waste. When we become even a little bit dehydrated, our bodies start to display negative symptoms, including a feeling of being ‘foggy headed’, suffering headaches and feeling irritable. This can lead to feeling sluggish, impairing our mental ability and leading to a decrease in productivity. Water also helps keep the biggest organ in the body — the skin — healthy and glowing!

People often complain that drinking enough water is difficult. Common excuses are:
•    Water is boring!
There are ways to make it more interesting! Try adding citrus fruits or even drinking sparkling water. Tea and coffee also count towards your fluid intake. 
•    I’m too busy!
Keep a water bottle with you at all times — keep it on your desk to encourage you to take regular sips, or carry your bottle in your bag.
•    I forget to drink…
Incorporate it into your routine by drinking a glass with every meal, or having a glass at other break points during your day. You can also increase your intake of foods that are high in water, such as cucumber or watermelon.

Water keeps you healthy, happy and hydrated. Make drinking water a priority so that it becomes habit.