Becky Street • 2 min read

Employee name: Becky Quick
Employee job title: Senior Designer and Brand Strategist
Length of time with OSP: 7 and a half years
What does your job entail?
I'm all in for everything brand-related – from crafting new ideas, enhancing them, or giving them a total makeover. Whether it's brainstorming, crafting messages, or creating designs for all your brand assets, I'm here to add that magic that makes your brand shine.
What do you like most about your job?
What I really enjoy about my job is the variety it brings. Every day brings something new! One day, I might be working on creating a brand, and the next, I could be fine-tuning a video. You might spot me at a photoshoot, crafting persuasive pitches, brainstorming ideas, or even checking out light fixtures for a booth. This mix of tasks keeps things interesting and ensures that I'm never bored and lacking things to do!
Favourite work memory?
My favourite thoughts at OSP of the people and the entire month of April this year. First, the joy of handing in my final CIM assignment only two weeks before my wedding, then the fantastic hen party my work family threw for me. And let's not forget the fun we had at my actual wedding!
If I wasn't so good at my job, I would interior designer
Walking my little French Bulldog Margot and binging boxsets
Fun/surprising fact people might not know?
I have a qualification in sports massage that I've never use.
Favourite quote?
Perhaps an unpopular opinion, but quotes often give me the ick.