work-back ADHD Video

ADHD Video


  • Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals

Business Objectives:

  • Launch Product/Service


  • Motion Graphics


  • Video

Summary of Brief:

Production of an emotive video to help generate excitement amongst the company’s employees in advance of the launch of a new product aimed at children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). With the product set to help revolutionise the lives of the countless young people living day-to-day with ADHD, it was vital that the video — used to open an internal sales event — created meaningful impact amongst the attendees.

What we did:

  • A collaborative team of creative planners devised several concepts and story flows to present to the client team and the agencies involved — each concept designed to meet the objective of evoking an emotional response from the multiple stakeholders attending the sales conference. The concept was based around a children’s book which typically tend to end on a positive note.
  • After concept approval, the illustrators created some sample characters from which the client would select a handful of their favourites. This is where the idea for Jack — the central animated character — was born.
  • This initial idea was then developed into a full storyboard with an accompanying script and animatic, allowing us to keep the client in the loop during the creative process.
  • An illustrator created all the scenes/frames before the 3D animation team got to work.
  • Once the animation was complete, it was sent to the sound designers who bought Jack and his dad to life.
  • After several rounds of tweaks and improvements based on client feedback, we provided several different formats of the video for use across multiple channels.

The story we created around Jack was deemed so effective and emotionally powerful it was reported that many of the client team were brought to tears when they watched the video.