Brainbox Neuro Website

Summary of Brief:

Brainbox’s website is a key component of the business’ marketing strategy, acting as a catalogue and information hub for its products and techniques. After going through multiple iterations, the Brainbox team felt the website still wasn’t functioning as it should and decided to seek support from an agency that could help ensure the website reached its full potential.

What we did:

  • Analysed and reviewed the existing website.
  • Engaged the Brainbox team in a brand and functionality workshop at our studio — at which it became clear that Brainbox required a relatively complex website that would act as a detailed catalogue of products, display events the Brainbox team would be attending, and also provide a platform for the distribution of insightful information about research techniques.
  • Proposed our custom-built Content Management System (CMS). Our CMS allows us to create pixel perfect solutions tailored specifically to a client’s needs — and this was the most effective option for Brainbox as it would allow the inhouse team to add and remove product pages, update techniques, and add news posts and events when required.
  • Worked with Brainbox to transform the content and structure of the website, whilst bringing to life the eye-catching, colourful brand the company had already developed and used across its previous site.
  • Transformed Brainbox’s existing product images into quirky cut outs that saved on photography costs and would be easily replicated in the future, as and when new products become available.
  • Made previously hidden products and services more accessible via a new category filter, with clear markers showing which products could be combined to achieve interesting new techniques.
  • Included plenty of calls to action and a chatbot for those who want to learn more about techniques.
  • Incorporated functionality that would allow browsers to watch demo videos, review tech specs, download brochures and request quotes.
  • Created 10 bespoke page templates for Brainbox; whilst some are only used once, others are used repeatedly and are fully content manageable e.g. the products page template, the technique page template and the news article template. Each template has its own flexible features, e.g. the techniques page template has the ability to add or remove images from the page or include a video or secondary text content.
  • Completed the new website for launch within four months of our initial introduction to Brainbox.
  • Provided the Brainbox team with training on how to use the CMS.


Working with the OSP team on our new website has been an absolute pleasure. Right from the get go they took the time to really understand what we needed, got to grips with our challenges and worked with us constructively to overcome them. We’re over the moon with the result and now have a website that is absolutely fit for purpose and one that we are really proud of; a vibrant and distinct website that is easy to manage and maintain and supports our ambitions for the future. We have been through various iterations and companies before working with OSP and none of them came anywhere close."


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Business Objectives:

  • Promote Product/Service


  • Web Design
  • Web Development


  • Websites