work-back DSEi exhibition booth

DSEi exhibition booth


  • Contractor Facilities Management & Engineering

Business Objectives:

  • Raise Awareness
  • Promote Product/Service


  • Exhibition Design
  • Exhibition Management


  • Exhibition/Trade Show

Summary of Brief:

Design and production of a 314.5m2 exhibition booth at DSEi — the world’s largest defence exhibition attracting 25,000 delegates — designed to highlight KBR’s work, heritage and services.

The aim was to help KBR to stand out from the crowd and ensure that delegates understood KBR’s essential role for the armed services on the front line and across a number of support areas — and encourage visitors to seek further information (supplied on the stand).

What we did:

  • Developed a concept for the company’s presence at the congress.
  • Designed and built the two-storey exhibition booth.
  • Incorporated elements of KBR’s own equipment — including the same tents the company had used in Iraq — to create a high impact stand that, from the outside, looked like the tented accommodation typical of that deployed to war zones.
  • Divided the interior of booth into themed zones to illustrate the scope of KBR’s services — from Outsourced Logistics and Service & Delivery in Extreme Conditions, to Sustainability and R&R.
  • Used Screen-Q, OSP’s unique presentation system, to enable delegates to access a series of videos — also shot and edited by us — about KBR, its heritage and services.
  • Transformed two areas of the booth into galleries to display the work of renowned war artist, Arabella Dorman. Along with a formal gallery area on the lower level of the booth, the exclusive upper deck was designed to look like a replica of Arabella’s studio, where invited VIP guests were able to view more of her original works.
  • Designed and produced a 24-page gallery catalogue listing each piece on display in Arabella’s galleries.
  • Produced a 3m x 1.2m freestanding table top model to indicate how KBR’s services and operations cross various geographical areas — including replicas of Forward Operating Bases in arctic, desert, jungle and Western regions, the company’s UK HQs, and an HQ for Joint Strategic Forces.

The size and scope of the project meant every element of OSP’s expertise was called upon — exhibition and event management; the full range of booth, print and screen design; complex logistics; video shooting and editing; interactive multimedia; plus creative solutions including the model and art gallery.


“OSP delivered what they promised — great strategic and operational advice, meticulous planning, complex logistics support and attention to detail. The team provided us with an integrated and creative solution, allowing KBR to stand out by a country mile from the competition.”