work-back Heavy Menstrual Bleeding video

Heavy Menstrual Bleeding video


  • Healthcare, Disease Awareness

Business Objectives:

  • Change Behaviour
  • Change Perception
  • Raise Awareness
  • Disease Awareness


  • Animation
  • Film Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Storyboard Development
  • Illustration
  • Sound Editing
  • Audio and Film Direction
  • Creative Production
  • Video


  • Video
  • Storyboard

Summary of Brief:

The HELP group, a panel of independent physicians with a specialist interest in heavy menstrual bleeding have set up, with the support of the client company, an online eLearning portal that helps assist GPs around the world to better understand, diagnose and treat people who present with symptoms of heavy menstrual bleeding.

As part of a multi-agency team, OSP was tasked with creating a bank of video assets and downloadable print content to support the portal.

What we did:

  • Arranged all aspects of the filming — this included scriptwriting, conceptual design development, planning lighting and camera angles, sourcing local crew and make-up artists, studio and venue finding, selecting and buying props, art directing, editing and post production.
  • Took responsibility for the logistical aspects of filming four Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in four different locations; the UK, Miami, Montreal and South Korea. Carefully planned the most efficient routes of travel, working around the availability of the Healthcare Professionals (HCPs), crew and venues to devise a workable and efficient plan.
  • Collaborated with the HCPs and the client team to finalise each day’s shooting schedule — this was key to the success of the project as the KOLs were only available for a limited time during which we had to get the content we needed as per the approved scripts.
  • Once on location, set up the first shot using a green screen and got to work recording the KOL as many times as required for us to get the footage we needed.
  • Captured the sound and footage separately, collecting some B-roll and white noise for each edit.
  • Using approved concepts, created all the motion graphics and titles ready for the Editor.
  • Cut up the low resolution footage (still showing the green screen background) to bring the best and most natural clips together, whilst ensuring the footage matched the scripts and the story flow was correct.
  • Once approved, replaced the background, smoothly stitched the high resolution clips together, colour graded all the shots, added all the graphical elements and motion text, and encoded/rendered different formats for the client to use online.
  • Provided the footage in mini-clips as the content was part of an eLearning tool where end users had to watch part of a video before answering a question.
  • Produced all the accompanying print ready fact sheets and downloadable tools.