Interactive toolkit and analytics website

Summary of Brief:

The company wanted the ability to collect usage data from their interactive pipeline tool (also designed and produced by OSP) whilst installed at congresses across Europe throughout the year. As the pipeline tool contained many different agents/drugs, the company had identified that it was imperative the navigation/user journey was personalised to the delegates’ interests to ensure they could navigate the content easily and intuitively. As there were many different routes to the same content and some agents were reportedly of more interest to delegates than others, the client wanted us to add tracking functionally to multiple interfaces.

The website was needed for an upcoming congress and had to be completed within four weeks of receipt of the brief.

What we did:

  • Produced a series of wireframes and flat designs for the client to approve before development began.
  • With the unreliability of congress WiFi in mind, created a hand-coded system that downloaded all the data to the local computer on which the pipeline tool was displayed, only pushing to the Microsoft Azure Cloud once reconnected to the internet. If the WiFi was working well, then the data would be pushed live.
  • Branded the website front-end and colour coded the results to match the colour of the agents displayed within the pipeline tool.
  • Opted to show filterable tables and graphs to display the results in the most visual way and also included some key data results in large call out boxes e.g. the most amount of views at each congress.
  • Designed the website to allow the client to collect data from all congresses in one central portal and included a drop-down tool for analysis.
  • Incorporated functionality that would the client can to identify which is the most popular pathway and which are the top five products of interest for healthcare professionals.
  • Produced the tracking database and completed the reporting website that displayed the data in a digestible way within four weeks of receipt of the brief.


  • Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals

Business Objectives:

  • Raise Awareness
  • Launch Product/Service


  • Applications
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Project Management
  • Digital Design


  • Websites
  • Interactive Tool