work-back Reach Out for Learning eLearning Campaign

Reach Out for Learning eLearning Campaign


  • Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals

Business Objectives:

  • Raise Awareness
  • Launch Product/Service


  • Creative Production


  • Video
  • Printed Materials
  • Email Campaign
  • Promotional Items

Summary of Brief:

Devise and deliver a launch campaign to promote the launch of a set of business management modules (also produced by OSP in 10 different languages, resulting in around 500 pieces of eLearning) recently rolled out across the company’s eLearning platform (which OSP also skinned!).

The launch campaign had to:

  • Give background on who the eLearning was aimed at and what it covered,
  • Show what the platform looked like and how users should navigate it,
  • Tell staff when the course would be rolled out internally, and
  • Explain how it could be accessed.

What we did:

  • Provided the client with several different concepts and options but the internally available platforms ultimately selected were a poster series, a launch video and a targeted emailer — all of which would be translated into 10 languages.
  • Created an informative video that prepared and inspired staff for the upcoming training using a combination of static imagery, working shots of the eLearning, and an interview with the company’s Head of International Commercial.
  • Prepared the video for use across multiple platforms, including at meetings and within a targeted emailer.(As the training was for management level staff, we couldn’t send out a company-wide email.)
  • Drafted and designed a newsletter that featured positive quotes from those who had trialled the platform and courses, and included a link to the informative video, screenshots of the interface, plus a brief overview of when new modules were being launched.
  • Designed a bespoke designed emailer, coded by us and imported into MailChimp.
  • Alongside the client team, organised contacts into relevance of training and language, before rolling out the emails on the same day with excellent open rates. (In order to achieve the best possible open rates, we sent the email out early in the working week before 11am.)
  • Designed and produced a poster series, focusing on the key benefits of the courses and highlighting the easy-to-use learning platform.

OSP has since completed a further set of coaching modules to launch on the same learning platform.