work-back The Royal Mint Coin Knowledge Forum Commemorative Book

The Royal Mint Coin Knowledge Forum Commemorative Book


  • Coin and Medal Production

Business Objectives:

  • Stakeholder Engagement


  • Creative Production


  • Printed Materials

Summary of Brief:

Design and creation of a high-quality post-event 210-page hardcover book based on presentation slides used during The Royal Mint Coin Knowledge Forum. To be provided to all event attendees.

What we did:

  • Participated in an initial briefing and reviewed The Royal Mint’s internal brand guidelines.
  • Worked up suggestions for possible design of the book layout.
  • Presented the client with a series of design concepts for the book and then developed the chosen design.
  • On receipt of all slides, input all the content into the pre-approved and designed layout.
  • On completion of the event, incorporated any last minute changes to the slide content — ensuring the content was still relevant in book format.
  • Proofed all content extensively to ensure the book was accurate and true to the presentations given at the event.
  • Sourced a specialist printer to ensure we met the high print specifications required (e.g. use of specialist pantone metallic inks).


“The books are great, thank you — good job!”